Ad Astra

Astronaut Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) travels to the outer edges of the solar system to find his missing father and unravel a mystery that threatens the...

Starring: Brad Pitt, Tommy Lee Jones, Ruth Negga, Donald Sutherland, Kimberly Elise, Loren Dean, Donnie Keshawarz, Sean Blakemore, Bobby Nish, LisaGay Hamilton, John Finn, John Ortiz, Freda Foh Shen...
Director: James Gray
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Country: China, Brazil, USA
Release Date: September 19, 2019
Runtime: 2h 2min
IMDb Rating: Ad Astra (2019) on IMDb

4.20/5 - (5 Votes)




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